photo and fine art printing

limited edition prints by felix zaska

large format fine art and canvas prints

Fina Art digital Inkjet printing has largely taken over in recent times from traditional wet chemical based photo printing processes for colour and black & white. With the advent of light fast inks that are resistant to fading - long display life spans of exhibited prints are now possible.

Print quality and light fast media : To ensure long term light stability and display quality of our prints we use only professional light fast inks on special light fast quality ink jet canvas, fine art papers and photographic papers (satin, gloss, semi-gloss). We cannot give or verify long term guarantees of manufacturers on long term manufacturer light fast test results of inks and papers using manufacturing processes outside our control. However the manufacturers of the inks (using accelerated tests) claim 80 years plus for print display in favourable climatic and low ambient light conditions. We can however confirm from experience that Felix Zaska / egallery / igallery prints that have been on continuous display since 2000 have not visibly deteriorated.

For us the main professional advantage of doing our own digital printing (especially for exhibition limited edition prints) is the fact that we have with full control of look and feel of prints - rather than doing test prints with external printing companies. We print on a professional large format 8 colour digital inkjet printer using exhibition satin photo paper and canvas.

For limited edition fine art photo prints please also go to art photography website.


created: 2010-11-18
updated: 2014-02-03 17:32:08