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For many years we have carried out photo location shoots  in Ireland and internationally for corporate clients, picture agencies, airlines, architects, tourist agencies, hotels / resorts and publishers. Because of our background  in creative advertising, architecture and photo agency stock photography we have experience in all sorts of client briefs such as location lifestyle and model shoots, landscape / wild-life photography and studio shoots incl. still life photography. 

Photography commission quotes / daily rates for exclusive architecture, corporate and advertising photography

Please contact us for a quote for commissioned shoots. Send us an email and we will get back to you. Alternatively you can contact us at 098-64784 or 086-3868240.

Professional portfolio of commissioned shoots


We are based in Westport, Mayo. No travel costs for shoots in the West of Ireland and the Dublin area.


Commissions can be booked in one of two ways :

1. Exclusive photography Commissions - exclusive rights for client. Based on quotes for daily rates + assistent (where required) + travel expenses. ( Depending on volume of digital images and post-production time necessary - there may be a charge for photography editing days) . All photography shot on client's location and/or during commissioned shooting days has exclusive rights for the client without limitation. The photographer agrees that in an exclusive deal has no marketing rights for images or footage but retains the right to use image/footage as portfolio incl. on Felix Zaska websites). The photography is normally done digitally in high resolution (Medium Format Film possible) 

2. Joint Venture Commissions - Exclusive or non-exlusive rights for selected images . On several occasions in the past when there are multiple photo locations requiring considerable time span and travel such as postcards or editorial travel projects (and exclusive commissions are too expensive) we have negotiated 'joint venture deals' where the client pays an advance and agrees to purchase a certain number of images at an agreed price (less advance - on a first choice basis) as non-exclusive or exclusive rights images.

Exclusive rights for images for joint venture deals means that the client can market the images exclusively in accordance with the License. 

Non-exclusive rights for purchased photo images for joint venture deals means that we can also market these images with non-exclusive rights.  Basis for such a deal are attractive locations where such images  are also of interest to us as stock photography  and where there are no copyright or model/property release issues. In effect we fund or partly fund travel costs and photography time and reduce the risk to the client who only pays for a specified guaranteed number of selected images / digital footage less advances paid. Of special interest to us as photography joint venture commissions are travel projects involving lifestyle, ancient civilizations, wildlife, underwater and sailing. For further information please contact us.

For corporate/business video productions and TV broadcast camera work please contact  (based in Dublin)

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